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Signpost is a kinetic sculptural installation work, incorporating several mediums and referencing art historical and scientific material, the project examines the construction of diasporic narratives through the digitization, reproduction, and transmission of visual culture.

The bronze Hittite Stag statuette (2200-2000 BC) currently found in the Museum of Anatolian Civilisations, Ankara, Turkey, is 3D scanned, modeled, and reproduced via 3D printers by the artist. To depict a migration scene or pattern, these 3D-printed reproductions of the original statue are positioned around a 6 feet tall wooden structure that acts as a signpost, map, or navigation device.


The form of the wooden structure (or the signpost) is a direct reference to symbols and motifs found in Anatolian tapestries. This specific symbol is singled out, enlarged, and turned into sculptural form. The plexiglass disc mounted on the wooden structure contains meticulous hand-drawn images simulating a navigational star-finder map. While the images on the disc mimic the accurate placement of the stars typically found on a navigational star-finder map, the dots representing the stars are replaced with symbols and patterns from Anatolian visual culture alongside humourful, yet subtle imagery implemented by the artist, forming imaginary constellations.


Lighting is integral to this installation. A single spotlight is directed at the spinning disc, this light hits the disc and is reflected on the ground forming a spherical shape, as the disc slowly spins, the sphere-shaped light reflection on the floor subtly moves from side to side, creating a sundial effect. This spherical reflection on the ground illuminates the path the stags are positioned in, appearing to guide them on their journey.

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